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Working on a range of distance, from 5k to 50 mile ultra. PBs for them all!

Over the past 12 months I've been training with Holly. She has had me work on form and convinced me, begrudgingly, to slow down and embrace hill work. I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves: PBs this year at 5km, halfmarathon, marathon and 50 miles (ok, it was my first one, but Holly's well thought through plan got me to the finish!). I really enjoy working with Holly. The coached sessions make it easier and for her to see how I'm doing and make sure I fully understand the workouts and exercises for the coming month. She is always willing to explain things over email and answer any questions I have. Most importantly, I know when I get my training plan each month that Holly has thought about what I need to do and my goals: nobody else's.

e-coaching client who completed the Warsaw marathon in 2016

The training is tough, do not join if you are after an easy ride! But it is what you need to get you to where you need to go. I liked that it is not solely running based but also looks at strength training. My goal was to go from a half marathon runner to a full one. At first I was surprised by the step up but once I go to distances over 21k I realised why. I built my strength and completed my first full marathon in Sept. After the marathon I had no problems and I think this is because of the core strength I built. Thanks Holly I could not have done it without you!

Entry to the London marathon spurred him to find a running coach and he hasn’t looked back since.

Having run the London Marathon in 2014 following a training plan from a book, and getting nowhere near the target I had set myself, when I received the ballot place for the 2015 London Marathon I decided to seek out a running coach. I came across Holly’s website and made contact. From the beginning Holly has encouraged me to focus on my technique and I have found the coached sessions of immense benefit to my overall running and mind set.

Having a regular training plan to keep to has been hugely motivational, as has the ability to raise any questions or issues. Holly is always encouraging and manages to keep the running plans varied and interesting. Additionally she has given my extremely useful guides to improving my core strength and overall strength. Not only did I beat my personal best for the Marathon, I have since completed several half marathons and another marathon, again with Holly’s excellent coaching behind me.

Focussing on form and technique and getting faster because of it.

I started running with Holly a year and a half ago as I initially wanted to run a faster marathon. She provided me with a bespoke plan and individual sessions that have enabled me to run stronger, faster, with better form and technique, and with a proper long-term focus as well. Holly is very encouraging and knowledgeable, and has adapted to my specific circumstances at various points during the plan, while always keeping the goal in mind. She pushes and motivates when it’s needed, and will always answer any queries I have, making the running enjoyable and just enough of a challenge to make me develop.