About Me

I’m Holly Weir and have been coaching runners of various levels and ability for over 10 years now, from beginners building up to their first 5k to seasoned marathoners working towards an ultra event. I create bespoke, personalised training plans, as well as holding face to face sessions in East London.
Listen to your body

The ethos to my training approach is to learn to listen to your body, and all of my training plans begin with teaching you how to understand how hard each run should feel and the effort you should be putting in, rather than just looking at the pace on your watch. Often the most simple things are the most important, but you must be commit to doing these consistently to see improvements. This is often where a lack of structure can you let you down.

Running Technique & Injury Prevention

Running technique is important to get right from the start, and I will discuss this with you early on in your programme and provide advice and tips on this. Not only can the correct running technique help to ensure that you don’t get injured, it also helps you to be a more efficient (and therefore faster) runner. I will also suggest appropriate strength and conditioning work as part of your training programme.


I can give advice on nutrition both during training and for race day itself. A balanced diet is important but I also take the approach of everything in moderation. Being happy and content with what you eat can be as vital as having the ‘perfect’ diet.

Mental Strategies

For all race distances, your mind plays an important role in getting you to the finish in your best possible time. As you start running further, this element becomes more and more significant. I provide support on race day strategies and can discuss with you how to mentally and psychologically prepare for your race.

About Holly

I am a qualified level 3 British Athletics running coach (Coach in Running Fitness). I am also a level 2 qualified coach with the Lydiard Foundation. I run with my local running club, Victoria Park Harriers and I love being outdoors, so am rarely seen in a gym. When I’m not running, I am a mum to two young boys, giving me a varied workout every day!

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