10k, Half marathon and Marathon

Have you signed up to a race that you really want to focus your training towards? Or perhaps this is going to be your first time running this far and you want to make sure that you do it right.

When you’re training for an important race, you want to make sure you get the best build up and training that you can. I can provide a personalised training plan for you, which will take into account your current fitness levels and what sort of training you can realistically fit in to your life, so that you end up with a plan that is realistic and achievable. We can also discuss any previous race results and how those races went, to ensure that you learn from those and move forwards.


Training plans can be for as long as you need to take you to your goal race, but I’d suggest a minimum of three months to see some fitness gains.

10k, Half marathon and Marathon
10k, Half marathon and Marathon
10k, Half marathon and Marathon
Initial Fitness Assessment

Assessment of current fitness levels, plus discussion on pace judgement, key technique points and race goals, via email/phone/Skype. Optional video assessment.

Individual Training Plan

An individually tailored day by day schedule for you to follow, with continual online feedback from me.

Strength and Mobility Training

Exercises and drills to help to improve your strength and mobility, making you a better runner and preventing injury.

Running Technique Advice

Looking at not just how fast you run, but how you run. Improving your technique should lead to quicker times and reduced risk of injury.

Continual Updates

Updates to your training plan based on your feedback and progress, monitored via Garmin/Strava. A full review each month via email/phone/Skype.

Unlimited E-mail Response

If you’ve got a query about your running, just contact me and I will guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours.

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